Welcome to the Kuzmin Lab

We are a dynamic research group at the Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, Concordia University. We investigate how phenotypes and disease states emerge from the interplay of genetic determinants in yeast and human cells.

Using a combination of systematic genetic screening (trigenic interaction screens, high-content screens, overexpression screens and CRISPR screens), genome sequencing (bulk and single cell DNA and RNA sequencing), genome engineering and synthetic biology approaches, we aim to enhance our understanding of the genotype-to-phenotype relationship and genome evolution. We pursue several research themes focusing on mapping complex genetic interaction networks, from genetic network rewiring between distantly related yeast species, conditional functional redundancy and divergence of duplicated genes and complex genetic interaction network of large copy number variants in cancer (see Research).

We are located at the Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, Concordia University. We exchange ideas and work with our colleagues in the Department of Biology and use the state-of-the-art facilities of the Genome Foundry, member of the Global Biofoundries Alliance. We are also affiliated with the Goodman Cancer Research Centre, McGill University.

We are grateful for funding from the Cancer Research Society (CRS).


December 18, 2020

The Kuzmin lab is going live in August 2021!

November 27, 2020

Elena is awarded the Next Generation of Scientists Grant from the Cancer Research Society!

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